Self Care; During A Pandemic

Self Care; During A Pandemic

Dearest reader- if you don’t know where that’s from I have no words because how can you not know?! haha. First post of 2021! I know I have been gone for a while but to be honest I haven’t been thinking of blogging I decided to revamp my blog and it has motivated me to start my blog again soooo here I am AGAIN

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Winter Look Book 2020

Winter Look Book 2020

Hi, guys, I thought ill do something a little different than my usual post. As you can tell by the title ill be doing a look book which I’ve never done before. I actually took these a couple of weeks ago, but kept delaying whether to post it or not as i was nervous, but here we are! ( oh and I’m not angry the sun was shinning  a lot that day so I’m squinting my eye haha any tips on how to not squint?? ) Continue reading “Winter Look Book 2020”

Where Have I Been?

Hi, guys long time no see! I’ve actually disappeared like an unsolved missing case, its been way too long. so where have I been? to be honest I’ve just hit a massive writer block and just been delaying about whether to post something. So while I was gone I have had some exciting moments throughout this year after having a bad start to the year, and now it’s gonna be the start of another year very soon, how fast has it gone?! Anyway if you would like to know what I’ve been up to continue reading 🙂

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Birchbox Unboxing- October & November 2018

Hey guys! So I thought I’d try a beauty box out and unbox it for you guys. I decided to get birchbox. They recently had an offer on for Black Friday where they send you 2 boxes for £5 plus £2.99 P&P , which I thought was such a good bargain! my order came a little late due to black Friday. It arrived just after 2 weeks but been so busy I haven’t had time to write-up a post as soon as it came, Also the sun is not in my favor now days as soon as I come home from work its dark, blogger problems haha. (2 weeks later I’m still writing this * insert facepalm emoji*)

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April Faves 2018

Hey guys! so I’ve never really done a monthly fave, and I thought its probably about time that I did one I  love reading them, so hopefully you guys will like mine.

The first product I’ve been loving this month is this shampoo that l’oreal brought out called ‘ dream length resorting shampoo. This shampoo claims that ‘ It helps to protect against breakage and reduces the appearance of split ends’  it also has Keratin, Vitamins and Castor Oil. castor oil or coconut oil is a yes for me, as I have very long, slightly damaged hair due to split ends, so I like to apply some oil the night before I wash it. It honestly makes such a difference and my hair has grown even more and the shampoo has also helped a lot and reduced my split ends, it looks like it trimmed my ends when in reality I haven’t. That’s how good it is! Continue reading “April Faves 2018”